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Ticket were formed in 1970 and lasted to 1973. These days they seemed to be labelled "acid rock" , but I think this term has an attitude about it that doesn't really match Ticket. Much of their music was laid back and spaced-out. Progressive rock is a better stereotype, if we must stereotype.

They released two LP's, "Awake" and "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". Obscure German label "Rock in Beat" has released both albums both separately and on a single pressing, but these are clearly transfers from vinyl LP. Worse, some copies of the combined two-on-one CD issue say the correct things on the liner, but where "Awake" should be we have another album not by Ticket (reportedly "Wasting My Time" by The Underdogs). I do not know if this was ever fixed on later pressings.

In Australia/New zealand we saw an "official" release of Awake in 2011. Sadly, while the liner notes were excellent, the CD wasn't, being a poorly cleaned up (over processed) vinyl transfer. The Rock in Beat copy is clearly superior. It appears the master tapes to Awake are lost, which is a real tragedy. This is one of the great New Zealand albums.

In 2014 "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" got an official release. A better quality vinyl transfer was completetly, devastatingly ruined by the brute force use of volume maximising compression, so it is a fatiguing listen.

Ticket's biggest (only successful?) single "Country High" has appeared on a number of EMI Kiwi music compilations. It was one of the first singles (7 inch, 45 rpm vinyl!) that I ever owned.




"Awake" (1972):

    Side One
  1. Awake
  2. Highway Of Love
  3. Dream Chant

    Side Two
  1. Broken Wings
  2. Country High
  3. Reign Away
  4. Angel On My Mind


Ticket - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" (1972):

    Side One
  1. The Bad Things In This World Make The Nice Things Nicer
  2. Remember To Understand
  3. People Going Nowhere
  4. And The Band Played

    Side Two
  1. On This Planet
  2. Gypsy Rover
  3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  4. We Love Rock And Roll!



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