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Splitter were a short lived Auckland, New Zealand band. With essentailly a three man line-up, they released two albums in the early 2000's, but with only one member in common.

The one common player was Andrew Thorne, but as his guitar and vocals give the band their distinctive sound, the two albums have some similarity.

In terms of popularity they hit their peak with two very popular songs (in New Zealand!) off the second album - "Go You Good Thing" and "Probably Feel Alright". Both are imensely cactchy power-pop songs that just sound like they should be hits.

The albums both span power-pop to more melodic, laid back numbers. For those that can remember back that far, there is some similarity to the another NZ band "Citizen Band".

Cover - Stereo Happiness (CD)

"Stereo Happiness" CD (2000):

  1. Bad For Me
  2. What You Know
  3. Supermarket Girl
  4. Miss Right Now
  5. Departure Lounge
  6. Tremolo Panned
  7. Delight
  8. House Arrest
  9. God Only Knows
  10. Some Part Of You
  11. Bikini Roadkill

Cover - Devil In The Detail (CD)

"Devil In The Detail" CD (2002):

  1. Go You Good Thing
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnBwQRhndrA"Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl/Pixie Rock (1971)
  3. Probably Feel Alright
  4. I Don't Rate Your Man
  5. Run Don't Walk
  6. Doubtless Bay
  7. Good To Go
  8. When You're Gone
  9. Call It A Day
  10. Here Without You
  11. Black And White
  12. You're Right To Rock
  13. Nowhere At All
  14. Blue Nun




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