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The Shirleys

The Shirleys existed around 2000-2003.

In 2000 they recorded 5 tracks in Petone, in a car workshop, which they self released on CD-R under the title "Sunny Afternoon".

I'm not sure how to describe their sound, it's not easy listening, but not that far away. At the same time "Opportunist" reminds me of The Who "Live At Leeds"! Lyrically they take on real life subjects. I'm left wondering if "Relatives" destroyed their relationship with their relatives, or if they realised their relatives see them the same way?

Booklet Photo



Cover - Sunny Afternoon

"Sunny Afternoon" CD-R (2000):

  1. Sunny Afternoon
  2. Pretty Young Girls
  3. Opportunist
  4. Black Adaption
  5. Relatives



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