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Ruptus Jack

An Auckland, New Zealand band formed around 2000 at Pakuranga College through a talent quest, where they came second. The first and last time I saw them was as the opening act for a Deep Purple concert in Wellington, 26 April 2006. I was impressed.

When I saw their first CD, a 7 track EP entitled Roses And French Lessons, in the now long gone Real Groovy Records, Wellington, it was an easy choice to buy. I was curious to see what they would sound like in the studio.

It was an excellent buy. Hard to stereotype, a mix of hard power rock with a bit of grunge snark, alternative type lyrics.

So when it came out a year or so later I bought their first and only full length CD, the self titled Ruptus Jack.

This to me was somewhat different in nature. It was good, but slicker, the rock less hard edged. Humour played a greater role. Perhaps they just sounded like they were trying too hard? Still, as I said , it was good.

They suffered the all to common end for a Kiwi band, they went to Aussie and that's all she wrote....

Both EP and album can be bought as a digital download/streaming from Bandcamp.




Cover - Roses and French Lessons EP

"Roses and French Lessons" EP CD (2005):

  1. Flow With The Undertow
  2. Spring Has Fallen
  3. Later
  4. Not Later Now
  5. And I
  6. Changes
  7. Lazy Eye


Cover - Ruptus Jack

"Ruptus Jack" CD (2007):

  1. Bring It On Up
  2. Like She Knows
  3. Reverend Hutch's Sermon
  4. Ulterior Motives
  5. Closer To The Care
  6. Lay Back Down
  7. R-Noose
  8. Shut Down
  9. The Interrogator
  10. Question
  11. Just A Box
  12. Mr. Indecisive
  13. Carving Names
  14. (Hidden Track)



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