As those who know me know, I have a lot of music. In general, the web does a good job of providing information on any artist you can mention. The one gap I have found is that some New Zealand bands from the past are poorly represented or almost absent from the web, though one or two sites try.

So when I go to add cover art for an NZ artist and it's missing or poor quality on the web I think I should do my bit to provide it since I have to scan it for myself anyway. And if I can add some basic info I figure the artists won't be completely forgotten! Cover art is at a 500x500 resolution.

It saddens me that some of the artists are only a decade or two old yet their names are close to disappearing from the web. Glad to see that since I added a page for a couple that were almost gone others have put up pages about them. Even using some of my scans without a thankyou!

I would of course love to share the actual music, but our corrupt and unethical copyright laws maintain that even recordings over 30 years old and/or not even available are still illegal to copy, usually remaining the legal monopoly of some corporation. Copyright protects the artist? Yeah right....

In rough order of age, oldest first, the artists I've managed to put together some info on are:


I plan to add more but with my CD's and LP's currently in storgae it won't be happenning for a while.


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