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Paselode were a short lived Wellington, New Zealand band. With a self-destructive line-up that didn't get along, they survivied one album only in 2004. The big surprise is just how good this album is.

True - "The Taming of the Wasps" is somewhat all over the place - it has variety! Catchy pop sounds, hard rock sounds, Deep Purple Hammond organ sounds, fast pace, slow pace. Some brilliant songs, some pop catchy, and some for me don't add a lot.

The album is also boosted by excellent musicianship, and an excellent mix.

"Lock And Load" was a minor hit and used on the TV series Outrageous Fortune.

As a fan of Hammond organ meets hard rock, it's little surprise I can't help but like some of the tracks for this alone, eg "Stories".

If you'd like to see a cartoon about the rapid rise and more rapid fall of Paselode you can! - The Paselode Story.


Cover - The Taming Of The Wasps (CD)

"The Taming Of The Wasps" CD (2004):

  1. Dirty Little Piggy
  2. Upping The Ante
  3. Lock And Load
  4. Taming The Wasps
  5. Country Song
  6. C'mon Hallelujah
  7. Beeswax
  8. Stories
  9. Be Gone
  10. King Kong (Of Love)
  11. Mr Creepy
  12. Racehorse
  13. Plant A Tree



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