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The Inhalers

The name of this band is a "double entedre". The name will be assumed to refer to smoking cannabis, but wrongly!

The core of the band met (from my memory of a radio interview with Nigel Beckford) in a Lower Hutt hospital waiting room... they were all asthmatics! They were named after asthmatic inhalers.

The band formed in 1989 and disolved in 1994 after 2 albums. The songs were quirky and often based around the Hutt Valley or being a Wellington teenager in the 1970's.

I can personally vouch for "Top Town Was Rigged", I saw this one on TV, and Lower Hutt were robbed!

Nigel Beckford went on to PR (how the mighty have fallen) but in 2010 appeared on the albums of "Sven Olsen's Brutal Canadian Love Saga". Steven Hinderwell went on to the Gardening Angels, and for a long time now can be found in Slowboat Records (Slowboat are arguably the best of only two/three music retailers left worth knowing about in Wellington). Murray Costello continues to appear in bands of various styles, including "The Caught Jesters" and "Let's Planet".



Cover - Inhalers - Nudist On The Beach Of Love (vinyl LP)

"Nudist On The Beach Of Love" LP (1989):

    Port Side
  1. Shipping in a Nutshell
  2. Eric Clapton Died In My Arms
  3. Alan Parsons Had My Baby
  4. Sour Train Whistle
  5. Nico on a Bike
  6. Me and Mrs Jones
    Starboard Side
  1. Pope of the Boat Shoes
  2. John Mackey's Grave
  3. Alas, She Cried
  4. Every Conversation
  5. Dreams of the Everyday Housewife


Cover - Holy Family Three Pack (CD)

"Holy Family Three Pack" CD (1992):

  1. Top Town Was Rigged
  2. Born To Boogie
  3. Daddy's Shaggin' Wagon
  4. The Sozzled Ghost of Carlos (Surname Unsupplied)
  5. The Man,God Who Was Craig Scott
  6. Blessed Be The Echo Of Your First Manly Footsteps
  7. The Last Surviving Vegetarian
  8. Hutt Valley Girl
  9. I Wrecked My Ship On Stadium Rocks
  10. Old Testament First XV Fullback
  11. Welcome To The Penal Colony Of Teenage Stardom
  12. Love On The Rocks
  13. Power Station Family Robinson
  14. Nudist On The Beach Of Love
  15. Travelling Bead Salesman
  16. This Is Not An Encore



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