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Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band

The Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band originaly existed around 1972-1975. Formed by Victoria University students, and playing a diverse array of instruments, including washboard, harmonica, tea chest bass and of course kazoo. They rose to fame (in New Zealand!) with their 1973 'New Faces' appearance, where they were finalists, with their hit "Miss September".

A 1974 album, Bulldoggin', for EMI, contained both their biggest hits. "Miss September" and "Everyone Knows", as well as an excellent rendition of "Dead Skunk". Their songs were marked by quirky humour, to which they added silly costumes on stage.

The first and last time I saw them live was a Naenae College perfomance, in the school hall, in I guess 1974.

To their shame EMI have not seen fit to release their album, despite the hits and despite the chunk of New Zealand culture it represents. The album was recorded in NZBC (New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation) house (why isn't Richard Prebble, cultural vandal, in jail for its destruction???) and the long gone EMI studios Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt.

Late 2014 sees a (independent?) CD compilation released comprising most of Bulldoggin' plus other single only tracks. Sadly it does not include the ever popular "(Down Under) Santa Gets A Suntan" (which can be found on Youtube). The CD is not well mastered, having been poorly given the standard "volume maximise" compression treatment of new releases.

Original Line-Up:


Cover - Bulldoggin'

"Bulldoggin'" LP (1974):

    Side One
  1. Bulldoggin'! (Intro)
  2. My Gal
  3. Day In The Sun
  4. Dance The Stars Away
  5. Baby Get Out...!
  6. Everyone Knows
  7. Mary Jane

    Side Two
  1. Miss September
  2. Summer Skies
  3. Friday Night Pick-Up
  4. Ruby Baby
  5. Take Me To The River
  6. Dead Skunk
  7. Bulldoggin'! (Outro)
  8. Reprise (not listed on LP label)


Cover - Upside Down World

"Upside Down World" EP Cassette:

(1990 Radio NZ Replay Radio charity release to support "Ronald McDonald House")

  1. Upside Down World
  2. (Down Under) Santa Gets A Suntan
  3. The Wagon Ain't Going Very Far
  4. FJ Style

Cover - Upside Down World for personal audio device


"Upside Down World" squared image for use on personal audio devices.


Cover - The Very Best Of

"The Very Best Of" CD (2014):

  1. Bulldoggin'
  2. The Wagon Ain't Going Very Far
  3. Everyone Knows
  4. Dance The Stars Away
  5. Dead Skunk
  6. Friday Night Pick-Up
  7. My Gal
  8. Baby Get Out...!
  9. Day In The Sun
  10. Hard Hearted Hannah
  11. Mary Jane
  12. Morning Blues
  13. Television Mama
  14. Ruby Baby
  15. Miss September
  16. Summer Skies
  17. Take Me To The River
  18. There Will Come A Time
  19. Tokyo Rose
  20. Rock That Boogie



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