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A Wellington, New Zealand band formed in the mid 1990's by Hutt High school friends. They do have a "Wiki page".

They released two albums, "Pop Life" and "Don't Stop The Revolution", as well as several singles and two EPs.

Yet another chance buy on my part, I didn't know the band had existed (even as a Wellingtonian) until picking up a copy of the "Don't Stop The Revolution" CD, second hand for a dollar, long after they ceased to exist. My loss, as the title track and "She Said" are simply outstanding. Though the rest of the album and the earlier "Pop Life" don't achieve this level of "extreme good" they're very worth a listen!




Cover - Things Like These EP

"Things Like These" EP CD (1995):

  1. Prayer
  2. White
  3. All I Know
  4. Candy Girl
  5. Dive Tower


Cover - Pop Life CD

"Pop Life" CD (1998):

  1. Smiley Hands
  2. Drivin'
  3. Burst
  4. Get To You
  5. Fall
  6. Purple
  7. Going Down
  8. Not Now
  9. Started Something
  10. Burnt By The Sun
  11. Pet Tortoise


Cover - Don't Stop The Revolution

"Don't Stop The Revolution" (2000):

  1. She Said
  2. Don't Stop The Revolution
  3. Landslide
  4. Wrapped Up
  5. Sick And Tired
  6. Get Yourself Together
  7. When The Sun Comes
  8. Perfect Fools
  9. Let Them Know
  10. Too Late For Salvation
  11. In The City



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