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The Gardening Angels

The Gardening Angels were a Wellington, New Zealand, band from the early 1990's. They recorded two albums before fading from sight, "The Gardening Angels" (1993), and "Infloresence" (1995). Both are worth having.

Guitarist Steven Hinderwell, who also wrote nearly all the tracks, had previuosly been part of The Inhalers. He has long been working at Slowboat Records in Cuba Street, Wellington (Slowboat are arguably the best of only two music retailers left worth knowing about in Wellinton).

For some time The Gardening Angels were regulars at the Wellington venue Bar Bodega.

Line-Up; The Gardening Angels:


Cover - The Gardening Angels

"The Gardening Angels" Cassette (1993):

    Side One
  1. Blue Shadow
  2. Winona
  3. I'll Dream Enough
  4. Birthday Girl
  5. Tail Of A Comet
  6. Ninety Nine Years

    Side Two
  1. Velvet Glove
  2. Ghost Of A Chance
  3. Tears Of A Saint
  4. Ride Around The Storm
  5. Photograph
  6. Gardening Angels


Cover - The Gardening Angels for personal audio device


"The Gardening Angels" squared image for use on personal audio devices.


Line-Up; Inflorescence:

Cover - Inflorescence

"Inflorescence" CD (1995):

  1. Silverfish
  2. Perennial One
  3. Driftwood Heart
  4. Kimberly
  5. Drown Me In Love
  6. False Start
  7. Have You Seen My Ghost
  8. Guilty
  9. Hallowed Ground
  10. Angel Song
  11. Shoes



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