Margot and Richard

Sevilo is the name of Margot and Richard's property. We live near Greytown in the Wairarapa, in New Zealand.

After growing, producing and selling Olive Oil, Hazelnuts and Table Grapes for 16 years under the name Fantail Grove (TM) we decided it was time to move on.

We've sold Fantail Grove to people we think will make us proud. Please visit the web site and give them your support:     Fantail Grove

Our Sevilo web site is a place where we can post stuff about our interests, Margot through her very occasional blog, Richard through his NZ music pages.


So why "Sevilo"? Back in the 1990's when growing something, maybe olives, was but an idea, a colleague suggested "Sevilo" as a joke. It sounds good, and might even be Italian, but is of course just "olives" spelt backwards.

But other people had the same idea! There were and are other Sevilo's out there, so when we finally had nuts and oil to sell, we chose something distinctly more Kiwi, and representative of the grove - "Fantail Grove" was born.



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